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Website launched 10/10/2008

To my political representatives:
I have visited the containedcapitalism.com website and reviewed the materials found there. It is my strong opinion that the solutions proposed are worthy of further research and discussion. Therefore, as an American, I am calling upon you to contact Michael Slyder (info@containedcapitalism.com) regarding the theory and mechanics of Contained Capitalism. The American people are ready to take responsibility for managing their own life needs and the needs of their communities. It is your responsibility, as an elected official, to listen to your constituents and to take action on our behalf. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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A Call to Action

“A people having sovereign power should do for itself all it can do well, and what it cannot do well, it must do through its ministers...” Montesquieu, “The Spirit of the Laws” (1748)

It is time for us, as Americans, to stand together and participate in our democracy. The work presented within this website demands that we recognize the limitations of our government and that the design of private industry does not permit the effective management of our essential life needs. Our call to action begins with a simple request – support this work by telling everyone! Send this link to your friends, your enemies, your representatives, your relatives, and most importantly, the media; only then will our government listen to these ideas. I have nothing to sell and I only wish to be heard – my voice, without yours, will fall on deaf ear. Please help me by participating in this important journey to reclaim our Republic. We must put an end to the insanity of a health care system that doesn’t care about ten million children. We must honor our fathers and our mothers as they age – they should not have to choose between food and medicine. We must come together to protect the innocent and do our best to build a better society for future generations. I ask only that you think for yourselves and if you believe in this work, shout it out and tell your government that the insanity must end. We will create care, security and safety within our communities. Without our participation, the fight will be lost. Please remember that our democracy demands that we fulfill our civic duty. The power of government and private industry must be reduced and in their place, community will emerge as a central force in our lives. Thank you.

For further information/inquiries contact Michael Slyder at mslyder@containedcapitalism.com