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Module 1: A Brief Overview of Contained Capitalism

What is essential cannot be denied. The worth of any society can be measured in its ability to provide for the essential life needs of its members. These needs include adequate and comprehensive health care. Many modern nations, including the United States, have incurred exorbitant and dangerously escalating costs in the struggle to provide care. Two diametrically opposed perspectives have emerged. One view supports government as the principle “manager” of health care; the other asserts that the solution can be found in private industry and laissez-faire, open market competition. Each is entrenched in its own position and much of what they promote is intended to win the argument. However, little time and energy is put forth on focused analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of their proposed solutions. Simply put, they are more interested in winning the debate rather than solving the problem. The truth is that both are wrong, as provision of health care cannot be in the hands of government or private industry; neither is designed for this purpose.

Contained Capitalism seeks to re-shape the nature of community and, in doing so, promotes community self-determination regarding the management of essential life needs. At present, the concept of community is abstract and serves little purpose in our everyday lives. By creating a new “form” of community, the people themselves are responsible for the well-being of every member. Contained Capitalism calls us to action because we can no longer sleep while our society decays. It is our civic duty, our obligation to our children, that drives us to do better and no longer depend on others for the answers we seek. If we want health care, we must manage it ourselves; if we want effective disaster preparedness and relief, we must plan and do the work ourselves. If we want our infrastructure repaired and new “green” technologies to be realized, we have to come together and do it ourselves. The time to stop wanting and start working is now, for we are upon a moment of great change. As a society, we can choose to continue to sleep as our republic decays or we can stand together and fulfill the promise made to our children. We have told them that we are here to protect and take care of them, yet we continue to believe that it is someone else’s responsibility. Who might that someone else be?

Contained Capitalism is an economic theory that transforms community to promote care, security, and service. We ARE the people - liberty will never be handed to us; it must be earned through meeting our civic responsibilities. Each of us is a reflection of our community and our individual liberty demands that we take action to secure the rights of both self and others.